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Training Tip of the Week – Navigate to Common Pages on the Bates Website

Bates Web – Navigate to Common Pages on the Bates Website Quickly and Efficiently

Friday, June 23, 2017

Do you have trouble with remembering the web address of some commonly accessed web pages on the Bates website, such as the Garnet Gateway or the Bates Directory? Do you have to click on multiple links to get to some of these web pages? Or maybe you’re on a smartphone and know the web address of the web page you want to view, but there are so many characters to type on that tiny keyboard, it’s going to take you forever.

Save yourself all of that typing and time by using Short Links that are associated with the Bates website. All you have to do is visit the Bates home page at “www.bates.edu/” and append a few letters after the “/”. Heck, even save yourself some more typing and time by eliminating the “www” at the beginning of the Bates home page web address – all you need is the “bates.edu/”.

By using Short Links, all you have to do is remember the mnemonic letter or letters associated with the Common Name of that web page. For example, remember the letter “d” for Directory, “g” for Garnet Gateway, “e” for email, “m” for Dining Menu, and so on. By using “bates.edu/d” will take you to the Bates Directory, using “bates.edu/g” will get you to the Garnet Gateway and, “bates.edu/m” will get you the Dining Menu.

The Bates Communications Office (BCO) has published a list of Short Links associated with some commonly accessed web pages. Visit the Short Links web page to see a complete list of Short Links or better yet, use the “sl” Short Link.

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