How do I add members to a course list?

To add individuals who are not officially registered for the course, but should be part of the course email list, such as Teaching Assistants (TA’s), Peer Writing Assistants, Academic Administrative Assistants, etc. Email your request to with the individuals you would like to be added to the course email list. 

When sending the request, please include the following information: 

  • Full Name of the individual to be added.
  • Bates Username of the individual to be added.
  • The reason (TA or peer writing assistant, etc.) for the addition.
  • The course abrivation, number and section.
  • If a lab is attached to the course, please include the lab information.


  • Name: Bates A. Bobcat
  • Bates Username: bbates
  • Reason: Teaching Assistant
  • Course: WCHEM108A
  • Lab: WCHEM108AL1, WCHEM108AL2, etc.



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