G Suite – Restore a Deleted Calendar Event (IT Training Tip)

Have you ever accidently deleted a G Suite Calendar Event and wish you could undelete it? Now you can!

To Restore a Deleted G Suite Calendar Event:

  • On your computer, open your Bates Gmail account from within a web browser and login
  • On the top right, click on the application launcher box  and click on the Calendar icon
  • Under the My calendars section, find the calendar for the event you want to restore
  • Hover your mouse over the calendar name, which will become highlighted and reveal a drop-down arrow to the right of the calendar name
  • Click on the drop-down arrow to access a list of menu items and click on View Trash
  • Select the events you want to restore, then click on the Restore selected events button or you can also choose to delete the selected events in your trash forever.



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