iPhone/iPad – Troubleshooting a Misbehaving iDevice (IT Training Tip)

iPhones and iPads (iDevice) can be wonderful devices. They offer the perfect companion to a laptop or desktop computer. They are light, extremely portable, and provide you with access to a wealth of information – right at your fingertips. When they fail to work properly, it can be very frustrating and even annoying. Below are three troubleshooting tips you can safely trywhen your iDevice decides to misbehave.

Restart your iDevice:

  • To power Off your iDevice, press and hold the Sleep/Wake (Power) button until the slider (slide to power off) appears.
  • Drag the Power symbol (Slider) from left to right.
  • To power On your iDevice, press and hold the Sleep/Wake (Power) button until you see the Apple© logo, then release the Sleep/Wake (Power) button.
  • If you have Touch ID enabled, you will need to enter your Passcode once, after a restart.

Force Quit an App:

  • If you have an App that has crashed, becomes unresponsive, or erraticopen the App Switcher to force quit these Apps.
  • To force quit an App, open the App Switcher by double-pressing the Home button. This will launch the Multitasking1 feature of your iDevice.
  • All of the Apps you have accessed will be displayed as cards. You can swipe from left to rightand then right to left to scroll through the cards2.
  • Find the App that is misbehaving and swipe it up to quit the App.
  • Reopen the App from your Home Screen.

Soft Reset:

  • Sometimes your iDevice may lock up, become unresponsive or may not power on even though you know the battery is fully charged. A soft reset will often resolve those issues and save you a phone call or visit to the IT Help Desk or the Apple Genius Bar©.
  • To perform a soft reset, press and hold in BOTH the Sleep/Wake (Power) button and theHome button together. Keep them held down for at least 10 seconds or until you see the Apple© logo on the screen of your iDevice.
  • Once you see the Apple© logo, release the buttons, and your iDevice will continue with the usual start-up process.
  • If you have Touch ID enabled, you will need to enter your Passcode once, after a restart.

1. The process of double-pressing the Home button and swiping through your Apps is also known asmultitasking. You can use the multitasking feature to quickly switch from one App to another, rather than pressing the Home button and opening an App from the Home Screen.

2. Many individuals believe that quitting out of all of your Apps will speed up your iDevice and increase your battery life. Quitting out of your Apps DOES NOT impact the performance of your iDevice nor increase your battery life.

Note: These troubleshooting tips will not result in any data loss and can safely be performed.



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