Microsoft Office – Insert Sample/Filler Text (IT Training Tip)

When working with a document in Microsoft Word, there may be times when you need some filler text to use as a placeholder or to assist you with formatting a particular layout.

Rather than using copy and paste to add text, in Microsoft Word (Windows/Mac) there is a function that you can use that will automatically generate sample/filler text for you.

To insert sample/filler text anywhere in your document, type in the following command at the location in your document where you want the text to begin:


You can even fine-tune the command to specify how many paragraphs and lines to add. Just format the command as follows:


p = Number of Paragraphs
l = Number of Lines

If you wanted to generate 5 (p)aragraphs with 10 (l)ines in each paragraph, you would format the command as follows:

=rand (5,10)



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