G Suite – Change/Update your Profile Image

When logged into your Bates G Suite account (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, etc.), you may have noticed an initial or image located on the top-right corner of the G Suite Toolbar, and may have wondered how to change it. This image shows up in various locations of your Bates G Suite account, including being part of email messages you send from your Bates Gmail account.

To Change/Update your Bates G Suite Profile Image:

  • Login to your Bates G Suite Account:

  • Click on https://aboutme.google.com/ to access the image you and other people see
    • If you are not logged in to your Bates Gmail account, you may be prompted to login

  • Hover your mouse over your image and click on the camera icon that appears

To Change your Profile Image:

  • Click on Upload photo, and find an image from your computer that you want to make your profile image
  • Once your profile image has been uploaded, you will have an opportunity to crop and rotate it

If you want to change your profile image to be the Bates Bobcathead over to the Bates Communications Office Download page and scroll down to the Bates Bobcat Download section. Click on the Secondary marks (JPG files) title bar to expand it. Save/Download a Bobcat image to your computer and use this image as your file to upload. 

To Replace your Profile Image with your Initial:

  • Click on the No photo button and your profile image will be replaced with your initial

Note: Changes to your profile image may take some time to update in all locations. Please be patient.



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