G Suite – Using Keyboard Shortcuts in Bates Gmail

If you are an Ellucian Banner© user at Bates, you probably understand how using keyboard shortcuts can save you a significant amount of time and increases your efficiency with navigating through the Banner© system. Just think about the number of times during the day you need to reach for your mouse to click on buttons, links, and other icons. It may not look like you are saving that much time by not having to reach and use your mouse, but over time a couple of seconds here and there can add up!

To utilize the keyboard shortcut functionality in your Bates Gmail account, you must first enable it.

To Enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Bates Gmail:

Login to your Bates G Suite Account:

From your Bates Gmail Inbox View:

  • Press the Shift and “?” keys
    • This will bring up a window that will display a list of keyboard shortcuts that are available to you in Bates Gmail

  • Click on the Enable link in the middle of the window
    • (The following keyboard shortcuts are currently disabled. Enable)

  • Once keyboard shortcuts have been enabled, click on the Close link located at the top-right of the window, or press the Shift and “?” keys again to dismiss the keyboard shortcuts window
    • You can access the keyboard shortcuts window at any time by just pressing the Shift and “?” keys

Once you have enabled keyboard shortcuts for your Bates Gmail account, it is recommended to refresh your web browser window. To verify that keyboard shortcuts are active, you will see a thin blue vertical bar to the left of the checkmark box of your first message. You can use your up and down arrow keys to move the blue vertical bar from one message to another. The blue vertical bar indicates the focal point of the message you want to work with.

The Following is an Abbreviated List of Useful Keyboard Shortcuts to Memorize:

Open Message
c = Compose Message
1 = Previous Message
2 = Next Message
3 = Delete Message
x = Select Message
g then i = Go to Inbox  
r = Reply
a = Reply All
f = Forward
! = Report as SPAM

Bonus Tip: To view the keyboard shortcuts that are available in Microsoft Word for Windows, tap the Alt key on your keyboard to turn on and off the shortcut labels from the Ribbon and menus. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word for Mac can be found from the Microsoft Website.



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