What do I need to do when hiring a new employee?

The hiring process initially begins with Human Resources. Once you have received a verbal offer of acceptance, you will need to submit a Departmental Hiring form through Human Resources. Once Human Resources has received all of the necessary paperwork and signatures, they will then forward a request to Information and Library Services to have a Bates Network/Email account created.

Note: This process may take several days to complete, please plan accordingly.

Computing Information –

Bates Network/Email Account:
Automatically created once all paperwork and signatures have been received by Human Resources.

Please visit our Computing Packages webpage for a list of the standard hardware configurations that are available from Information and Library Services for your new hire.

Information and Library Services provides a suite of standard office productivity software for new employees. To see a list of our standard software offering, please visit the Standard Software Applications Installed on My Computer webpage.

Submitting a Request for Computing Equipment to Information and Library Services –

Please complete the New Employee Computing Equipment form to initiate the process for acquiring the necessary technology needs for your new hire.

Congratulations on your new hire!!



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