G Suite – Smart Compose (IT Training Tip)

In April 2018, Google released an updated and refreshed interface to one of its flagship products – Gmail. With this fresh new look came a cleaner and brighter interface with some pretty cool features, including Smart ReplyHover ActionsThe Google Apps Side BarSnooze, and Nudges. On September 26, 2018, Gmail began to roll out a new and highly-anticipated feature known as Smart Compose. Similar to Smart Reply that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to provide you with three reply suggestions. Smart Compose uses the same machine learning and artificial intelligence as Smart Replybut predicts what you’re going to type, and provides you with suggested phrases to complete your sentences, therefore drafting an email message is even faster! I’ve been using the Smart Compose feature for about a week, and I’ve been very impressed with its level of accuracy in predicting my sentences and providing suggested phrases in my writing style.

Smart Compose is now available in Bates Gmail, and you may have already been prompted to enable it through a blue pop-up box about Smart Compose. All you have to do is click on the Got itlink and Smart Compose will be enabled. If you clicked on the Turn off link because you were not sure what this message or feature was about, you can always enable or disable it through your Bates Gmail Settings.

To utilize the Smart Compose feature, you must be using the new Bates Gmail interface.

To enable the new interfaceclick on the Settings Gear located on the top-right of your Bates Gmail InboxFrom the drop-down menu, click on Try the new Bates College Mail option.

As with some of the new features being rolled out in Gmail, including Smart ReplyNudges, and Smart Composethey can be turned off if you find them to be distractingsomething you won’t use, or just too creepy.

Enabling or Disabling Smart Compose –

Access your Settings:

  • On the top-rightclick on the Settings Gear
  • From the drop-down menu, click Settings
  • From the General tab, scroll-down to the Smart Compose section and click on the radio button next to one of the following:
    • Writing suggestions on
    • Writing suggestions off

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Save Changes button

Using Smart Compose –

Once you have enabled the Smart Compose feature, you will begin to receive suggested phrases as your are typing your sentences. To accept the suggested phrase press the “Tab” key and continue typing.



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