G Suite – New Gmail Features (IT Training Tip)

In January 2019, Google added several new features to Gmail for correcting mistakes when composing a message and added a new formatting feature. Both are available from the Compose window. In addition to these two new features, you can now download individual email messages.

What would we ever do without an Undo and Redo button? Newly added to the formatting toolbar at the bottom of the Compose window, you will now see an Undo and Redo button located at the beginning of the toolbar. Use these buttons to undo mistakes, or if you change your mind, you can always perform a redo.

Although Gmail has some limited text formatting features (Bold, Italic, Underline, etc.), they have added a new Strikethrough feature. The Strikethrough feature is located on the formatting toolbar between the Quote and Remove Formatting buttons.

The last new feature that is now available in Gmail is the ability to download individual email messages in an .EML format. A message saved in an .EML format can be opened/viewed in other email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird and Mac Mail. One of the advantages of saving an email message in a .EML format is that it retains the email message along with any attachments. A message saved in an .EML format can also be attached to an email message and sent to another individual. The feature can be found on the More menu that is represented by three vertical dots, sometimes known as the meatball menu. The More menu is located on the top-right of the viewing window when a message is open. Click on the More menu, and from the drop-down click on Download message.

Bonus: If you utilize the Gmail App on your SmartPhone/SmartDevice, there has been a recent update that follows the same material design concept used with some of Google’s G Suite web applications, such as Gmail and Calendar. The update provides more of a visual tweak and no new features

Bonus: If you are an Inbox by Gmail user for your personal Gmail account, Google will be discontinuing this product in March 2019.



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