Webinar Wednesday – Working with Data and Tables in Microsoft® Excel

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 — 1:30pm
until 2:30 pm
RSVP by Tuesday, March 13

If you organize data into a range of rows and columns, you can then easily sort and filter the data into the desired order. With Tables in Microsoft® Excel, you can quickly sort and filter the table columns, add total rows, and apply table formatting to a Microsoft® Excel table. Once you create a table in Microsoft® Excel, you can easily find, organize, and analyze its information with Microsoft®Excel’s rich set of table-management features.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to Sort Data
  • How to Filter Data
  • Create Tables
  • How to Set Up Data Validation Rules
  • How to Use Flash Fill


Prerequisites: Participants should also be comfortable with utilizing a computer with Microsoft®Windows 7. Knowledge of Microsoft® Excel and its basic functionality, including creating and editing workbooks, formatting, navigation, and building basic formulas. Your Bates username and password are required. You will be connecting to a Zoom Webinar. Participants will need a computer (Windows/Mac) to view the webinar, and computer speakers/headphones or a telephone to listen to the audio portion of the webinar.

Skill Level: Intermediate
Class Limit: 50
Slide Deck:
Webinar Recording: 
Lynda.com Resources: 
Zoom Webinar Link: https://bates.zoom.us/j/409228228?pwd=TkiQcdYDdbU