Service Catalog – Managed Fax, Copy, Scan and Print Services

The Multi-Functional Printer (MFP) Committee oversees managed print services on campus. The committee consists of representatives from Post & Print, Information and Library Services, the College Store, and Finance.  The committee’s charge is to provide cost effective services in faxing, scanning, copying and printing to college offices and departments.   

Managed print services includes all network devices that record the usage (number of prints/scans/copies) for charge-back to offices and departments.

The committee takes requests from the community for new and replacement printers, copiers, and scanners. In order to provide these services in a cost effective and supportable manner, the committee works under the following guidelines:

  • The MFP in any building should be the primary location where printing, scanning and copying takes place. (MFP First)
  • When a printer needs to be replaced, the primary criteria for replacement are historic printing volume, location and current office needs.  
  • All devices purchased by the committee will be networked and included in the service contract for all parts, service and toner.
  • Individual office printers are discouraged.

In the rare cases where a work group printer is needed, the committee takes requests from clients and determines the best option(s) for that client.  The MFP committee will pay for the initial purchase of the printer and the client pays for support and toner through the per page cost.  Clients who do not take the recommendation of the committee will pay for the difference in costs of the printer out of departmental budgets.  Currently, the standard printers for workgroup printers are:

Xerox VersaLink C400

In cases where a printer is needed for a very specific function (receipts, checks, etc,) the committee will refer the request to Information and Library Services and Post and Print to determine the best solution.  Individual departments will pay for the cost of the equipment.