Printing at Bates

Bates is committed to making printing readily available while also reducing waste and enhancing information security.

Through the use of the Equitrac Print Release system, print jobs start printing only when the user is present at the printer. This helps eliminate wasted paper and toner, and increases information security. To help us in our effort to reduce our environmental impact, we do ask that users print responsibly.

  • Print only what you absolutely need.
  •  Use Print and Mail Services in Lane Hall Room 1 for large numbers of copies.
  • If you do not see your print job start immediately, please wait a few moments and then alert a support individual.  Resist sending another print job.
  • If a printer is malfunctioning, please contact Help Desk Services immediately

Printers are located in every academic and administrative building. Some printers may be restricted and not available to the general community. For a complete list of accessible printers, please see the Peru Printer Chart.

Paw-Print and Paw-Print-Color printers allow the pickup of print jobs in multiple locations around campus. If you print to Paw-Print, you can pickup your jobs at a Paw-Print OR Paw-Print-Color printer located in Ladd, Pettengill, Coram, Hedge and Roger Williams. Paw-Print-Color jobs can only be picked up at Ladd, Hedge and Coram.

For those who are visiting Bates and may need to print, guest print cards are available at the Help Desk. Printing with the guest cards is only available at kiosk computers located around the Library.