$54 Million

Transforming the Sciences

At Bates, we are committed to providing our students with first-class experiences in the sciences.

We have outstanding science and mathematics faculty who successfully compete for federal grants in a range of fields, and they systematically involve students in cutting-edge research. Through summer research experiences and thesis, our STEM majors graduate well prepared for further study in medicine, engineering, and a broad range of scientific fields.

Science Facilities

To support these ambitious goals, we need teaching and research facilities that will attract top faculty and students and support excellence in teaching, learning, and research. One goal of The Bates Campaign is to create an integrated system of science facilities, adding a new facility and modernizing existing structures to optimize teaching and research.

STEM Initiative

Bates’ mission and history create an imperative for equity in education and an accompanying obligation to support the intellectual aspirations of every student. Bates is working to develop a comprehensive, multi-year program in the STEM fields designed to support the success of students from underrepresented groups. This program will include cohort-based experiences; the integration of proven methods, tools, and approaches; and systematic assessment of our effectiveness in increasing the persistence of these students in STEM majors and postgraduate study.