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Discussion Questions

  1. Considering one or both of the videos you watched, did either resonate with you? If so, what parts and for what reasons? Do you agree or disagree with how these situations were ultimately resolved? If not, how would you have resolved each differently?
  2. Did you find a character whose position you have been in yourself? If so, has your perspective on that experience changed?
  3. What further issues about race or sexual orientation did these videos make you consider?  How do these issues track back to the central issue of each video?
  4. How do you think these videos might be helpful in discussing similar issues in different contexts or settings, such as with friends, family, or acquaintances in classrooms, around the community, or in athletic arenas?

One Response to “Watch the Videos!”

  1. Sarah Bernard says:

    I attended the presentation yesterday afternoon (5/23); it was wonderful! I think the work that has been done is a great demonstration of how we can have dialogues around difference. I am so happy that the video clips are available for the entire community to see!

    One thing that occurred to me as I listened to the discussion about racism toward the end of the open discussion is that in order to promote dialogue, we need to avoid judgement. I think judgements (positive or negative) inhibit dialogue. Negative judgements put people on the defensive causing them to shut down or become angry and positive judgements mislead people into thinking everything is okay and there is nothing to discuss. I was very interested in the comments, views and experiences that were shared on the topic of racism and privilege. I’m just not convinced that starting a dialogue with the thought (spoken or unspoken) that so-in-so is or is not a is going to contribute to an environment where open dialogue can take place.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your work!

    - Sarah

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