Affording Bates

A Bates education is broadly defined and highly personalized. In addition to an interdisciplinary, general-education curriculum, Bates offers a diverse menu of options to every student, who choose among them to shape individual learning experiences throughout their four years. Teaching and learning are not confined to the classroom, but transpire onstage and in the art studio, in the residence hall and on the playing field, through study abroad and opportunities unique to Maine, in student organizations and around the dinner table in Commons.

Bates is committed to making this educational experience accessible and affordable to all admitted students, regardless of family financial circumstances, and offers need-based financial aid to eligible students.

Bates’ commitment to affordability and accessibility is a direct extension of the ethical vision that inspired the college’s founders: an education that is open to all will ensure that future leaders and problem-solvers emerge from every walk of life and are able to collaborate with people representing diverse cultures and viewpoints.

A Single Fee

For this highly individualized educational experience, Bates charges a single fee that includes tuition, room, board and fees. The 2019-20 fee for attending Bates is $71,388. Costs for books, personal expenses and transportation are added to a student’s budget for the purpose of estimating financial need and awarding aid.

Financial Aid

We provide more than $36 million in grant aid to our students every year. Nearly half of our students receive financial aid, and the average financial aid award, including grant, loan and work, is $48,512. Our entire financial aid budget supports students with demonstrated financial need.