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IMPORTANT!  Please read this page before registering! It will save you time in the long run!!

You May Make Only One Presentation in the Afternoon Sessions

Each student registering to present at the Summit may make ONLY ONE presentation during the afternoon sessions: i.e., only one poster or talk or panel discussion or screening, etc. With over 300 presenters, it is impossible to build a Summit schedule that can accommodate both students’ class schedules and the needs of students making more than one presentation. If you are required to make a presentation in more than one discipline, you need to discuss this with your advisors. You may, however, make one presentation in the afternoon session and also present or perform in the evening events or exhibit your work in the exhibitions on view.

Online Registration for the 2014 Summit is open through 14 February 2014.


Questions about presenting at the Mount David Summit, please send e-mail to:

Online Release and Permission Information

When you log on to registration Web page, you will see a permissions block that will ask you 3 questions:

  1. Is it OK for us to invite your parents to the Summit? (Your choice, but our extensive research has shown that parents love to see their children present at the Summit!)
  2. Is it OK for us to publish information about your Summit presentation in the paper program and on the Summit Web site? (Please note that if you answer no, then NO INFORMATION about your presentation will be able to be published anywhere, including directional signs on the day of the Summit!)
  3. Is it OK for us to have your work made available to the public in the Summit’s Web-based repository for research posters and the texts of student talks?

We assume the answer to these questions is yes, but you need to confirm that by answering the questions and hitting SUBMIT before you move on to the rest of your registration. If you are a co-presenter on a presentation and another student has entered your name, you will get an email prompting you to go in and give us these permissions. No registration is complete until all presenters sign the permission!

The form is self-explanatory; remember to complete all required fields and any optional fields that apply to you. Like many webforms, you enter information and proceed to the next page. You can leave fields blank, but you must complete all required fields before submitting your registration for advisor approval. If you start a registration and don’t complete it, you can return to that registration and complete it at a later time. The next time you log in, your previous registration will appear. Just click and edit.

You can edit fields or your abstract, but once you hit “submit,” you can’t make a change on any information until after your advisor has reviewed your registration. Note: The “Submit to Advisor for Approval” link is at the bottom of the registration page. You must click that link to actually submit your registration.


Your abstract of 150 words or less must be entered to register. We prefer that you submit your abstract as a Word attachment (single-spaced/no smart quotes), however as an alternative, you may type your abstract in the text box. Abstracts that contain symbols and/or special characters must be attached rather than entering the text in the text box or we lose your symbols and diacritical marks.

What is an abstract?  An abstract is a one-paragraph summary of the work you are presenting.  It should be clear and concise, because it will be published on the Web and in the printed program. If your abstract is attached, please make sure that the filename ends with the proper file extension (.doc, .docx, .rtf).

Abstract or title changes need to be submitted by 10 March 2014 in order to be included in the summit publications:

Group Presentations

If you are registering on behalf of a co-presenter or a group of students, you must provide each presenter’s email address in the space provided. If you don’t, your co-presenters fall off the Summit radar. When you register, your name appears under “Presenters”. Click “Add” to add a co-presenter.

Online Advisor Approval

Your registration automatically sends an e-mail to the project advisor asking for approval of the presentation. You must have an advisor’s approval to participate by clicking “Submit to Advisor for Approval” link at bottom of page.  (Note:  Advisors will not approve registrations without abstracts.)

Registration Deadline

Register early! Registration closes on 14 February, but sometimes sooner! The Summit is a popular event for students to present their work, and our space is limited to 110 posters and 50 talks. Sometimes we reach these limits before the deadline, in which case we close the registration for that type of event. Late registrations will not be accepted, so if you are working in a course, department, or program that requires participation in the Summit, you need to get on the stick and sign up promptly!

Media Needs

When you register, you are asked to submit your media requests (PowerPoint, TVs, microphones, etc.). Please provide this information when you register. No media requests can be fit into the tech schedule after 10 March.

PowerPoint Users

Many students who deliver talks use PowerPoint (this is the only presentation software we support).  All students with PowerPoint presentations must submit their presentations to Classroom Technology and Event Support (CTES) staff located in Pettigrew 115 no later than noon on Thursday, 27 March absolutely no exceptions! PowerPoint presentations are submitted through Lyceum. The CTES staff will load your PowerPoint onto the computer in room in which you are presenting. You cannot use your own computer for your presentation, nor can you load your presentation or make changes to it on the day of the Summit. This is too risky and puts other students’ presentations in jeopardy.

Poster Presenters

Students presenting their research in poster format may create their posters by hand, though most students prefer to design their poster using InDesign or PowerPoint and have it printed on a large-format printer in Office Services (Lane Hall). The Dean of the Faculty’s office covers the cost of printing one poster per poster presenter.  Workshops on effective poster design are offered by the Imaging Center before the Summit. The deadline for the submission of electronic files for poster printing to Office Services is Tuesday, 25 March at noon. Submitting earlier than that crazy and crowded morning is strongly encouraged. No late submissions are accepted.