Racing Towards The End

Time flies quickly and we’re already at the latter half of March, heading towards the end of the semester.

This means deadlines are coming, and everything is busier than ever.

Expectedly the Williams Lab is also busy with work as well. Jacob is finishing up finely with his work in morphological scoring, where he will continue to work on qPCR projects and prepping his samples for histological analysis. He’s also primed to present at the Maine Biological and Biomedical Sciences Symposium in April! We’re looking forward to hearing more from Jacob.

In other news, Alex is continuing her work to apply the ChIP protocol she designed with the Ahr antibody. While the process is still ongoing, she has made incredible strides and is soon submitting her work as an honors thesis in Biology.

Similarly, Maddie continues to work on her morphological scoring of the inner ear using the confocal microscope. Even though her previous batch of fish did not work out, new Brn3c fish is currently being raised. Hopefully Maddie’s breeding goes on “swimmingly” in the coming weeks. She and Larissa also just returned from the Society of Toxicology Annual conference in Batimore, of which she performed greatly.

Finally, I am continuing my work on cloning the alas2 mRNA. The sequencing data gained from MDIBL shows that our cloning efforts were successful! I am moving towards sequencing mRNA and hopefully, getting some microinjection training soon. Furthermore, this Friday (3/24) will be my presentation for the Bates Chemistry and Biological Chemistry department!

Williams Lab is buzzling with activity at the final weeks of the semester. Mount David Summit, Thesis submission and deadlines are coming, and work is piling up. However, we all aim to finish strong!