At the heart of what makes Bates an extraordinary place is the faculty.  More than 200 teacher-scholars make up the Bates faculty. They have dedicated their careers to attaining expertise in their field, conducting research, and above all, teaching undergraduates.

100% of tenured or tenure-track faculty hold a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in their field.

Dynamic Teachers

Faculty members choose to be at Bates because they share a deep commitment to teaching in the liberal arts tradition.  All courses are taught by faculty members.  All senior theses and projects are mentored by faculty members.  The faculty has high expectations for Bates students. Professors expect you to be motivated and disciplined, curious and imaginative, eager to work and willing to take risks.

In their courses Bates faculty integrate lectures, discussions, labs, fieldwork, hands-on experiences, and independent and collaborative projects.  As a student in a Bates course, be prepared to be an active participant.  In return you’ll benefit from the wisdom and guidance of exceptionally talented teachers.

Inspiring Scholars

The Bates faculty are prodigious scholars. Every faculty member is expected to undertake scholarly work. Faculty scholarship contributes new knowledge in a professor’s field, and also enriches her teaching.  For more information on faculty scholarship, click here.

Many faculty members engage students as collaborators in their research, especially during the summer months. Student-faculty research ranges from lab experiments in the sciences to manuscript research in literary studies, and from set design in professional theater to data analysis in economics. These are amazing opportunities to learn about your field of interest in a completely new way, and to work beside professors in tackling complex problems.

Dedicated Advisors

First-year students are assigned a faculty advisor–usually your first-year seminar instructor–who remains your advisor until you declare a major. Your faculty advisor talks with you about your plan of study and the courses you will take. Advisors also help you stay on track in fulfilling your General Education requirements. Once you declare a major, you are assigned a major advisor, who helps you chart your course through this specialized area of study. Your senior thesis or senior project advisor mentors you as you pursue your independent senior work, and advises on graduate school and career options.