Bouley Fund for Geology

The Geology Department is pleased to announce the availability of funds to support senior thesis research in field-based geologic mapping. The funds come from the generosity of the Bouley Family and family friends in memory of Bruce Bouley.

Application Deadline: 1 April

Bruce A. Bouley was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, on June 11, 1947, and died of cancer in Golden, Colorado, on August 26, 2001, at the age of 54. A well-respected geologist, Bruce attributed much of his success to the Bates College experience. His decision to attend Bates was based largely on the school’s strong liberal arts tradition; after graduation, he became a life-long advocate for his alma mater.

The Bruce Bouley Fund will be used to support senior thesis research in field-based geologic mapping, of the sort to which Bruce Bouley dedicated his career. Support may cover a variety of expenses associated with travel, supplies and sample analysis, and sustenance while in the field. Specific costs that will be covered include: travel, room and board incurred during field mapping and research, long-term durable supplies (such as excavation tools, compass, hand lens), reusable supplies (notebooks, storage containers, project-specific laboratory supplies), and costs associated with preparation or processing of samples collected during the field season (preparation of thin sections, appropriate age dating, etc.).

Interested students should submit a formal application for funds through the Geology Department Chair.

The proposal should include a statement of purpose specifying objectives, planned tasks, and anticipated budget and a written recommendation from the student’s thesis or faculty advisor.

Grant awards will generally range from $100.00 to $500.00 depending on the quality and needs of the specific research projects, and will continue until the fund is completely depleted. There are no restrictions on the number of recipients each year, and at the discretion of the selection committee, students and/or continuing projects may receive Bouley Fund support in successive years.

Financial Responsibility
If for any reason the recipient of the grant is unable to fulfill their project obligations as stated in their proposal, the student will be responsible to repay back the grant money awarded.  If the College has purchased airline tickets that the student does not use, the student is responsible to repay to the College for the price of the ticket.  If the project has been started, then the amount of payment back will be determined by Kerry O’Brien in the Dean of the Faculty’s Office.

For more information please contact Beverly Johnson in the Geology Department.