Anelise H. Shrout

Assistant Professor of Digital and Computational Studies


Digital and Computational Studies

Pettengill Hall, Room 109


American Studies


I explore the intertwined relationships between history, computation, algorithmic thinking and data. My book project focuses on the nineteenth-century origins of international humanitarianism, and particularly the ways in which philanthropic donations were used as proxies for arguments about governance in the middle decades of the nineteenth century.

I’m also working on a digital archiving project that explores the lives of immigrants who were medically incarcerated in New York in the nineteenth century. This project uses computational methods to understand the forces working on those immigrants, as well as the communities they were able to form within institutions.

I’m also interested in how the ‘internet age’ changes the way we interact with sources and with students – and in how the digital humanities shape what we do both as scholars and as teachers.

On Twitter: @anelisehshrout


Current Courses

Fall Semester 2023

DCS 111
Intro to Computer Science for Text Analysis

DCS 111
Intro to Computer Science for Text Analysis

DCS 301C / HIST 301C
Public History in the Digital Age

INDS 457
Interdisciplinary Senior Thesis