Ida D. Piedmonte

Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry


Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bonney Science Center, Room 315



Bachelor of Science, Chemistry: Gettysburg College PhD, Chemistry and Chemical Biology: Cornell University Postdoctoral Fellow: Los Alamos National Laboratory

Research Interests

My research program resides at the intersection of chemistry, environmental science, industry and public policy. At this crossroad, I hope to recruit and engage budding scientists, while highlighting chemistry-based solutions to issues related to green energy and the environment. I am particularly interested in the role outer-sphere interactions, such as polarization effects and H-bonding play on: (1) the speciation and stability of molten salt energy systems and (2) the fate and transport of metal pollutants in the environment. For me, one of the most satisfying aspects of chemistry is the characterization of chemical properties as a function of location on the periodic table. This research will provide a basis to quickly rationalize how outer-sphere effects influence metal characteristics based on fundamental periodic trends; arming the next generation of scientists with vital intel to address shortcomings in global energy and environmental remediation.

Selected Publications

DiMucci, I. M., Titus, C. J., Nordlund, D., Bour, J. R., Chong, E., Grigas, D. P., Hu, C., Kosobokov, M. D., Martin, C. D., Mirica, L. M., Nebra, N., Vicic, D. A., Yruegas, S., MacMillan, S. N., Shearer, J., Lancaster, K. M. Scrutinizing formally NiIV centers through the lenses of core spectroscopy, molecular orbital theory, and valence bond theory. Chem. Sci., 2023, 14, 6915-6929.

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