Jonathan R. Cohen

Visiting Professor of Philosophy



Hedge Hall, Room 312


Ph.D., M.A. University of Pennsylvania, M.A. Jewish Theological Seminary, M.A. Johns Hopkins University, A.B. Harvard University

Jonathan Cohen has taught the entire history of philosophy from Anaximander to Zizek, as well as courses in the fields of logic, ethics, philosophy of education, philosophy of music, and philosophy and literature. Recent course titles include “Philosophies to Live By” and “Truth Lies & BS.” He is the author of In Nietzsche’s Footsteps, a philosophical travel memoir recounting his family’s trip to three of Nietzsche’s favorite residences (8th House Publishing, 2018), as well as Science, Culture, and Free Spirits: A Study of Nietzsche’s Human, All-Too-Human (Humanity Books, 2010). Current research projects include Nietzsche’s Playlist and Plato on Love, Death, and the Soul. He is a volunteer maintainer of the Appalachian Trail, a poll worker in Farmington Maine, and an avid Nordic skier.

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