Mark L. Tizzoni

Assistant Professor of Classical and Medieval Studies


Classical and Medieval Studies

Pettengill Hall, Room 202


Mark Lewis Tizzoni is an Assistant Professor of Classical and Medieval Studies at Bates College, specializing in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. He earned a B.A. in History and Latin at the University of Scranton and an M.A. and Ph.D. in Medieval Studies at the University of Leeds. His teaching focuses on the history of a broader, more globally-defined Middle Ages, offering courses on North and West Africa, Iberia, and the wider Mediterranean world. He will also regularly teach courses in Latin language.

His research focuses on the transformation of the Roman world in the fifth through seventh centuries CE. In particular, he examines the roles of poets and poetry in the creation of social cohesion and socio-cultural identity in the post-Roman “Successor States” of Spain and North Africa. His work also focuses on the trans-regional nature of the post-Roman period and the impact of North Africans on (and their interaction with) wider Mediterranean and African worlds. Among other topics, he has published on the Visigothic poet Eugenius II of Toledo and is currently writing an open-access book entitled Late Antique North Africa: An Epitome, which presents a short, but concise, study of the late- and post-Roman Maghreb within wider Mediterranean and African contexts.

Before coming to Bates, he taught pre-modern African, Iberian, and US history at Angelo State University and worked as a professional horticulturalist in Pennsylvania.


Current Courses

Fall Semester 2021

CMHI 102
Medieval Worlds

CMHI 216
Conflict and Community in Medieval Spain