Sandra H. Goff

Associate Professor of Economics



Pettengill Hall,



Prof Goff has taught a variety of courses over the past decade including Behavioral Economics, Experimental Economics, Evolutionary Economics, Introduction to Microeconomics, Statistical Methods, and the Study and Practice of Human Cooperation.

During the Fall 2022 semester, Prof Goff will be teaching FYS544: The Study and Practice of Human Cooperation and ECON372: Experimental Economics.

Prof Goff also runs a teaching and research lab, Goff Lab for Experimental Economics (GLEE). The lab will begin conducting research at Bates during the Winter 2023 semester.


As an experimental and behavioral economist, Sandra uses agent-based computational models and experimental methods in the lab and field to explore prosocial economic behavior. Her recent work has focused on sucker aversion and responsibility aversion in giving to and doing for others, the use of ecosystem services valuation (ESV) in promoting environmental philanthropy, the effects of emotions, especially guilt, on ethical consumption, and the effects of formal and informal economics instruction on attitudes towards market systems, externalities, and government intervention.

Recent Publications:

(*) indicates student co-author

Forthcoming at Contemporary Economic Policy: “Support for Bigger Government: The Principle-Implementation Gap and COVID-19” with John Ifcher, Homa Zarghamee, Alex Reents*, & Patrick Wade*

Economic Valuation as a Communication Device for Environmental Philanthropy: Evidence from the Lab and Field with Caroline Noblet & J. Ross Anthony*

Happiness in the Lab: What Can Be Learned about Subjective Well-Being from Experiments? with John Ifcher & Homa Zarghamee

A Test of Willingness to Pay as Penance in the Demand for Ethical Consumption

Does Pricing Nature Reduce Monetary Support for Conservation?: Evidence From Donation Behavior in an Online Experiment with Timothy Waring & Caroline Noblet