Loan Periods and Renewals

Material Type Loan Period
Ladd Books, Scores, Maps 28 days, 4 renewals
Ladd Kindles 28 days, 1 renewal
Ladd Movies 4 hour, in library use
Ladd Sound Recordings 4 hour, in library use
Ladd Children’s Books 28 days, 1 renewal
Note: All materials are subject to recall.

Children younger than high school age are not encouraged to use the Ladd Library unless accompanied by an adult responsible for the child. As a college library, the library does not direct its services to children, and does not filter the internet on its computers.

Renewing Material

You are encouraged to track due dates using the LibrarySearch Login option from the Accounts tab on each library web page navbar.

If you are still entitled to a renewal for your material type (see above) and the item is NOT overdue or requested by another patron, you can renew materials by using the LibrarySearch Login.

Library materials that are overdue and billed for replacement may not be renewed online. In this case please call the Circulation Desk at 207-786-6263 for assistance.

Material that has been recalled or held for another patron may not be renewed. We may be able to help you source another copy.

You may also always walk up to the Circulation Desk for one on one assistance with renewing. Your Bates Card is required as the items are checked in and then checked out again.

Overdue Notices and Reminders

Automated overdue notices are sent to patrons as a courtesy. The library does not assume responsibility for fees resulting from un-received or un-read mail.

Patrons can elect to receive notices by post or email. Patrons must assure that email from addresses are not diverted to spam quarantine files and that it is an e-mail account that you read regularly. Borrowers must report changes in e-mail and postal address at the Circulation Desk or via e-mail to

The notice schedule varies by material type and loan period. The notice schedule for a regular book is listed below.

  • A courtesy reminder is sent two days before the due date
  • The first overdue notice is sent one day after the due date has passed
  • The second overdue notice is sent one week later
  • Materials that are more than three weeks overdue are considered lost. The third overdue notice is a bill for replacement of the item.
  • Credit is issued when billed materials are returned.

Holds and Recalls

Library patrons may place a hold on a title that is checked out.

When a copy is not available, complete the information on the Hold Form. Choose “Notify me when a copy is returned”. The hold does not change the due date, it simply ensures that the item may not be renewed by the original borrower. A hold will not be placed on a Bates title if a copy is available at MaineCat.

Recalled Material
All library materials are subject to recall (forced early return dates) for course reserve. Recalled items must be returned promptly. Materials may be recalled while the college is on an academic break, during exam periods, summer break, and from faculty on sabbatical. To avoid recall blocks please consider returning any non-critical material before leaving campus.

Patrons with overdue recalled items are blocked from library borrowing until the recalled item is returned.

Replacement Costs

Patrons are liable for the price of replacing library material that is lost, damaged or stolen. Patrons may not replace library material with an independently purchased copy.
Material Type Replacement Cost
refunded if item returned
Processing Fee
refunded if item returned
Books, Scores, Maps, Govt Docs Market Price
or $50.00
Note: Patrons with overdue recalled items are blocked from library borrowing until the recalled item is returned.

Replacement charges must be payed at the Circulation Desk located on the First/Main Floor of the library. Please pay by check or exact cash amount. Checks should be made payable to Bates College. Change is not available at library.