Audio Video Desk Policies

Materials can be requested through the catalog with next day pickup at the Circulation Desk or picked up in person if preferred.

Viewing Rooms can be reserved for course related purposes by walk-up at the Audio Video Desk.

All members of the Bates community — students, faculty and staff — are welcome to use the Audio Video Desk in the library.

Circulation Policies: Generally, most materials may circulate out of the Audio Video Desk.

  • Faculty and staff may take out circulating and non-circulating videos and DVDs for seven days, all sound recordings for four weeks.
  • Students and Alumni may take out circulating videos, DVDs and CDs for seven days.
  • Audio Video reserves are building use only except to the faculty member who requested them for reserve or to students for in-class presentations or for clip editing (4hr loan period still applies).
  • Audio Video reserves do not go out overnight.
  • Overdue Audio Video reserves will result in a block on all library privileges, until they are returned or billed for replacement.
  • Affiliates can use Audio Video materials in the building but cannot take them out.
  • Exceptions can be made for classroom purposes or other special circumstances. Permission must be obtained from an Audio staff member, not a student assistant or faculty member.

Absolutely no eating or drinking at the tables with equipment in the Audio Video Area.

Noise and conversation must be kept to a minimum, in consideration for those individuals doing course-related work or general studying. Offenders will be asked to leave the Audio Video Area.

No taping or “ripping” CDs is allowed without knowledge and consent of an Audio staff member. This is because of the copyright laws. Failure to regard this policy could result in the permanent loss of Audio Video Area privileges. Refer any questions about copyright to Chris Schiff, Music and Arts Librarian.

Only library discs and tapes may be used in the Audio Video Area. Students should not bring their personal tapes and CDs to play in Audio. This policy is necessary to ensure control of the library’s collection and to protect our equipment. (Dirty discs and inferior quality tapes can leave deposits on the machinery.)

In serving patrons, the library observes the following priorities:

  • students and faculty using audio for course-related purposes;
  • students, faculty and staff using audio for recreational purposes;
  • adults from the community or other institutions.

If someone needs to use a Listening Station or a Viewing Room for course-related purposes and none is available, recreational listeners must be prepared to relinquish their seats.

The Viewing Rooms can be reserved at the Audio Video Desk. A reservation will be held for a maximum of fifteen minutes. After that the place becomes available to any patron. If a place has not been reserved, it can be used on a first come, first served basis. Viewing Room 6, which seats 20, can be reserved through EMS.

Please refer all questions about ordering music material for thesis or courses to Chris Schiff, Music and Arts Librarian. Questions about ordering video material are referred to your Subject Liaison. Other suggestions for new material should be entered online through the library catalog.

Library videos and DVDs may be shown only in the library or in class. We are not licensed for public performance of these productions.

If you have questions about these rules and policies, please contact Brenda Reynolds, Head of Access Services.