Library Staff

By Name:

including others who work in the building
all numbers are 207-786-**** unless otherwise noted

Last Name First Name Phone Number Email Department
Belden Michelle 6272 Muskie Archives
Bell Christina 8323 Research Services
Boyle Jane 8322 Access Services
Collard Laura 8284 Access Services
Colucci Emily 6273 Access Services
Coulombe Grace 8374 Math & Statistics
Desiderio Lee 6181 Help Desk Services
Handlen Zachary 6471 Interlibrary Loan
Jawor Jane 6263 Access Services
Larsson Lori 6261 Administration
Lumbert Perrin 6471 Interlibrary Loan
Michel Jennifer 8284 Access Services
Mullane Connie 755-5930 Access Services
Murray Christine 6268 Research Services
Parker Carole 6262 Bibliographic Services
Peters Karen 6269 Bibliographic Services
Retelle Julie 6265 Access Services
Reynolds Brenda 6267 Access Services/Audio
Riordan Jeremy 8326 Help Desk Services
Saunders Sharon 8327 Bibliographic Services
Schiff Christopher 6274 Research Services
Schlax Pete 8328 Research Services
Schoknecht Pat 6260 Vice President for Information and Library Services and Librarian
Soper Bruce 6456 Help Desk Services
Webber Pat 6428 Muskie Archives
Wilfong Krystie 6270 Collection Management