Course Reserves for Students

In a typical semester to provide equal access, the library purchases print copies of all required texts for course reserves and a physical copy of the films presented in class.

There will be no physical course reserves for Winter 2021.

This semester, we are either purchasing e-versions (if the vendor will sell to libraries) or, if that is not possible, scanning the text or converting the film so that students can digitally “check out” a PDF or steam the film without downloading it.

How to look up a Course Reserves list

  1. Click Course Reserves on the Library web page
  2. Select Instructor Last Name or Course name
  3. Enter the short title (ANTH 101), full course title (Cultural Anthropology), or the instructor’s last name (Danforth)


A link is provided on the top of the Course Reserves list for your course in Lyceum.

Converted film titles are linked on Lyceum.

You will need to log into Lyceum to access these materials.

Google Drive

A link is provided on the top of the Course Reserves list for your course in Google Drive.

Required texts that needed to be scanned are linked on Google Drive.

You will need to log into your Bates Google account to access this material. The reserves system does not know your personal Google email from high school.

Bates purchased E-Reserves – journal articles, books or films

Available 24/7 from any networked computer

Click the title in the Course Reserves list

Click “Go to article” or “View Ebook” or “View Streaming Film”