Textbooks on Course Reserve

In order to provide an additional source for required course materials, Ladd Library places on reserve a copy of books listed as “required” for Bates College classes. The Library will do its best to have at least one copy of each required book on reserve. If the library does not own a copy of a required book we will purchase a copy for reserve but only if the professor has not already provided a copy to the library. There will be exceptions, including consumables (like workbooks), lab manuals, and course packs. In some cases the Library’s edition may vary from the one being sold currently. Required books are placed on reserve for each class in the same way as traditional reserve readings. The titles currently on reserve for a course can be found by clicking the “Course Reserves” button on the library homepage and searching by class or by the professor’s last name.

For a definitive listing of the materials required for the course, please continue to check with the College Store or the online class schedule.

While this won’t take the place of students’ purchasing their own copies of these titles, it will provide another source for the readings, and will have multiple positive effects including: enabling all students to make use of the copies, rather than have them checked out by only one person for the entire semester; allowing students the ability to use required books while waiting for their ordered copies to arrive, providing a backup if they forget to carry their book with them, and helping to alleviate costs for those students who have difficulty affording textbooks. This service also does not replace traditional reserve readings either in paper copies (including professor/department owned copies of textbooks) or online. Reserve readings are most often assigned in addition to the required books.

We welcome any feedback from students or faculty members. You may direct questions or comments to Krystie Wilfong, the Associate College Librarian for Collection Development kwilfong@bates.edu.