The Secret History of Love

On behalf of the Dance Program and the Dance Festival we would like to invite and encourage you to attend an informal showing of “The Secret History of Love” by Sean Dorsey Dance.

Friday, Sept 21 at 5:30-7pm

Schaeffer Theatre

We are thrilled to be collaborating once again to host artist/activist Sean Dorsey and to be able to open the showing up to the whole campus and LGBTQ  community at large.

Sean’s two-week residency is part one of a yearlong series of visits by Dorsey that will culminate with the East Coast premiere of his newest work next July.
“The Secret History Of Love” reveals the underground ways that LGBT people managed to survive and find love in decades past, despite tremendous obstacles. 1920′s speakeasies, wartime love affairs, police raids and steamy underground cabarets explode onstage in this powerful work by transgender trailblazer Sean Dorsey.

Dorsey created “The Secret History Of Love” through a 2-year LGBT oral history project. The work features the voices and remarkable real-life stories Dorsey recorded in these oral history interviews – along with powerful, moving and hilarious episodes from the LGBT community’s history of finding love and community, against enormous odds.

The Secret History Of Love features full-throttle dancing, riveting storytelling, luscious partnering, highly-physical theater and first-hand tales of tremendous risk, passionate love, impossible courage, heart-breaking loss, and bold resistance –revealing the great resiliency and strength of the human heart … even in the face of great danger and devastating violence.