Academic Standing Committee

What is the Academic Standing Committee?

The Academic Standing Committee is comprised of staff and faculty members from various departments.  This committee is responsible for evaluation of a student’s progress and evaluates petitions for exceptions to academic standards, policies, and procedures. Additionally, the Committee reviews requests for registration adjustments that are not considered purely administrative in nature.  Students who believe their situation may warrant an exemption from a College academic policy or requirement may submit a Petition to the Committee on Academic Standing.

How do I petition?

Petitions are typically reviewed weekly when classes are in session. Students must submit the Petition form and supplementary materials to Donna Sevigny, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Dean of Students, via e-mail at by Tuesday at noon to be placed on that week’s agenda. Petitions received after noon on Tuesday will be sent to committee the following week. Any questions may also be directed to Ms. Sevigny.

Students will be notified of the Committee’s decision, typically within a few days of the weekly meeting.  The decisions made by the Academic Standing Committee are final unless there is new and relevant information that warrants further consideration.  Whether information qualifies as new and relevant will be determined by the Committee.