How to Attend the 2021 Summit

This year’s Mount David Summit is virtual, so join from

Just register once to attend the whole Summit via Zoom.

The Summit takes place Saturday, May 15, has events beginning at 11 AM, 1 PM, 2:30 PM, and 4 PM Eastern Time. Within each time block, you’ll find research poster session, and 5 to 6 other sessions in which groups of students will deliver short talks, panel discussions, debates, or literary readings. The events are organized into “breakout rooms” on Zoom.

Each research poster has its own Zoom Room, so within each time block you can visit several posters and talk to students about their research. For the talks and panel discussions, each session also has its own Zoom Room, with 2 or more talks.

To find out who is presenting when and where, you can consult the web program. When you join the Summit in Zoom, you’ll also see a directory of presentations underway during the current time block.

Click here to learn about navigating the Summit on Zoom!