Information for Poster Presenters

Poster Presenters: Read these instructions to ensure your poster
is ready and in the right place on the day of the summit!

  1. Poster size: Upon creating your poster in Powerpoint, InDesign, or Keynote, the page size should match the print size. Printed poster size is 36″h x 48″ w. Posters must be horizontally oriented (landscape).
  2. Credits: Remember to put your name (and any co-authors) on the front of your poster! Putting your discipline and your advisor’s name isn’t a bad idea either…
  3. Printing deadline. If you are having your poster printed by Bates Post & Print on a wide-format printer, your poster must be submitted for printing no later than Tuesday, 31 March at noon. You are urged to submit your poster before this deadline as there is usually a backlog of submissions to Post & Print right at the last minute. Late submissions: We cannot guarantee that your poster will be printed if you submit it after the deadline of 12 noon on 31 March. If Post and Print accepts a poster file after the deadline, then the cost to the student is $50.
  4. To submit a poster file for printing at Post & Print: All files must be submitted electronically via email. Submit to Post & Print, by Noon on Tuesday, 31 March.  The maximum file capacity is 20 megs. In the subject line of the email, please indicate MT DAVID SUMMIT POSTER.
  5. Naming convention. Very Important!! Please name your poster with your Bates username (underscore) phone.pdf. Example:   ejawor_2077771234.pdf
  6. Acceptable file format: Your poster must be submitted as a .PDF  or Post & Print will not open the file. Beware that when you design a poster in InDesign, some fonts and formatting may not render in a PDF when viewed on a different computer. Once you have saved your poster file as a PDF, you should look at it on your own computer to check the size of PDF output.
  7. Payment:  The Dean of the Faculty’s Office and the Student Research Program cover the cost of printing ONE COPY of your large-format poster.When you submit your poster file to Post & Print by the deadline, indicate in the subject line of the email that the poster is for the Mount David Summit and you will not be charged for printing one copy. (Students rarely print more than one copy.) The cost of any additional copies of the poster must be covered by you or your department or program.
  8. Traditional posters are welcome: A traditional non-computer-generated poster (text and images glued to poster board) is a perfectly acceptable option. You may use one or two sheets of poster board (available in the Bookstore for about a dollar) and attach your text sheets, maps, diagrams, photos, and other materials. This type of poster MUST be assembled before the poster session, not in the Perry Atrium the day of the Summit! We recommend that you make a traditional poster if you are making your poster after the large-format printing deadline of 31 March at noon.
  9. Poster delivery: Unless you make specific arrangements, Post & Print will deliver your poster to Pettengill Hall the morning of the Summit. If you wish to see your poster in advance of the Summit day, you can ask Post & Print staff to email you when the poster is ready. Posters that are not delivered by Post & Print should be delivered to the Reception Area in Pettengill by 10 AM on the morning of the Summit. Your poster will be set up for you in advance if you are in Session I. If you are in Session II, you will need to put your poster up at 3 PM the day of the Summit. If you are in Session III, you will need to put your poster up at 4:30 PM the day of the Summit.
  10. Each Poster is Assigned to a Specific Wall and a Specific Time: Session I runs from 1:30 to 3:00; Session II runs from 3:15 to 4:30. Session III runs from 4:45 to 6:00 PM. Your poster sessions and wall numbers will be published on the Summit website.
  11. Installing Posters: Clips and pins will be provided to mount completed posters to the walls.
  12. Your role at the session. You are expected to remain at your poster and talk to visitors for the entire duration of your poster session (1 hour, 15 minutes).
  13. After the poster session: You must take your poster with you at the end of your poster session.  We cannot be responsible for orphaned posters!

If you have any questions about poster submission, please email