Information for Poster Presenters

How the Zoom Poster Session Will Work

The presenter(s) of each poster will be assigned to one of the Summit concurrent session time slots.

The presenter(s) of each poster will have their own Zoom breakout room.

The Summit’s main Zoom page will link visitors to the poster breakout rooms. Visitors may move in and out of breakout rooms to see posters and engage with presenters, in the way they would wander through a poster session in the Perry Atrium.

As visitors enter your breakout room to see your poster, finish your comments to visitors who are already there, but then bring the new visitors up to speed, just as you would in an analog poster session.

Your poster format will be ONE PowerPoint or Google Slides slide, and you will use the play slideshow/present feature to display your poster full screen. You will be able to use the zoom-in feature or the pointer feature as needed to direct visitors’ attention.

But remember, they want to engage with YOU!

Creating Your Poster for Zoom

Your poster must be created on a single slide in PowerPoint or Google Slides.

The orientation should be landscape (horizontal).

Your slide size should be left at the default “Widescreen 16:9”. This is the aspect ratio of most screens and will ensure you are utilizing all available space. By contrast, paper posters typically have a 3:4 aspect ratio, and can accommodate much more content than a 16:9 slide.

Keep it simple. Your guests may be viewing your poster on a laptop, iPad, or a phone, so keep text and graphics concise and straightforward.

Less is more in the poster!  It’s you they want to talk to!

This Google Drive folder is accessible to anyone with a Bates login and contains guides to poster design, some poster templates that are free to use, and tips on using either Slides or Powerpoint to create your poster.

Poster Design Workshop You Tube!
Last-Minute Review Session Zoom Wednesday, May 12!

Michelle Holbrook-Pronovost, Senior Academic Technology Consultant, recorded a poster design workshop available here: 

Michelle will also host a drop-in poster review and troubleshooting session via Zoom on Wednesday, May 12 from 4-6 PM Eastern Time.

These sessions will help you solve last minute design problems, and you can preview your masterpiece before Summit day!

For further questions about poster design or to schedule an individual consultation, email

Practice! When you’ve completed your poster, set up a Zoom meeting and invite a friend. Display your poster using the play slideshow or present feature, and see how your audience reacts. Is it visible? Do zoom-in and pointer features work well? Get comfortable with this style of presenting BEFORE Summit day!

If you have any questions about poster submission, please email