Mount David Summit Schedule 2002

Mountt David Summit:
A Celebration of Student Academic Achievement

Sunday, April 7, 2002
1–5 p.m.

Pettengill Hall and the Bates College Museum of Art


1 p.m. Call to the Summit: Justin Lloyd ’02, trumpet
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Donald W. Harward, President
Graham F. Veysey, President of the Representative Assembly
Jill N. Reich, Dean of the Faculty
Location: Perry Atrium, Pettengill Hall
1:15-2:45 p.m. Session I
Research in Biology and Biochemistry (short talks)
Location: Pettengill G52
Joseph Pelliccia and Rebecca Sommer, Biology, moderators
Micah Webster ’02: The Effects of mut-2 Recombination of C. elegans
Scott Turner ’02: Origin at Obligate Parthenogenesis in the Mayfly, Centroptilium triangulifer
Geoffrey Hart ’02: Genetic Susceptibility and Resistance to Periodontal Disease in Mice
(five-minute break)
Ashley Murray ’02: Expanding the Lifetime Phosphorus Removal of Constructed Wetlands: The Use of Burkholderia cepacia to Renew Substrate Adsorption Sites
Stephanie Eby ’02: Does Mating Display Locomotion Provide Information about Futures in Guppies, Pocilia reticulata
Kate Humphrey ’02: Hormone Replacement Therapy in Postmenopausal Women
Latin American Literature: Encounters and Confrontations (short talks)
Location: Pettengill G65
Felicia Fahey, Spanish, moderator
Confronting Conquest:
Sara Montrone ’03: Contructing the Other: Spanish Conquistadors, the Aztecs, and the Mayans
Tamara Helfer ’04: La Malinche
Katherine Yang ’03: Exploring the Construction of the Other in Mexico Through La Malinche, the Virgin of Guadalupe
Eduardo Crespo ’04: Betrayed Republics
(five-minute break)
Encounters in Diaspora:
Natasha Klaiber ’05: Memory in Diasporic Communities
Nathan Harrington ’05: The Rastafarians
3 p.m. Gallery Talk and Exhibition
Location: Bates College Museum of Art
Adina Mori ’02: The Joy of Barbie
(Also: view the Annual Senior Exhibition at the Museum)
3-4:30 p.m. Poster Session
Location: Perry Atrium
(See end of program for poster presenters)
3-3:50 p.m. Session II
Interdisciplinary Thesis Writers Group: Breaking Boundaries, Building Bridges (short talks)
Location: Pettengill G52
Rebecca Herzig, Women’s and Gender Studies, moderator
JooRi Jun ’02: Centering Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Decentering the Center and Recentering Ourselves
Kristin Hines ’02: The Problem of Safe Hands
Jenny Blau ’02: A Local Community Health Center’s Approach to Addressing Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Health Care Utilization
Classical Architecture (short talks)
Location: Pettengill G65
Lisa Maurizio, Classics and Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator
Kara Stenback ’05 and Katherine Miles ’05: The Temple of Aphaia
Erin Torrey ’05 and Jennifer Hanley ’05: The Temple of Hephaistos: Analysis and Interpretation
4-4:45 p.m. Session III
Perception, Identity, and Community (short talks and a screening)
Location: Pettengill G52
Elizabeth Tobin, History, moderator
Sarah Wilson ’02: The Portrayal of the Japanese during WWII in American Propaganda
Rachel Beckhardt ’02: Diagnosing a Culture: Women’s Words on the Meanings of Food

Creative Work in Classics

Location: Pettengill G65
Lisa Maurizio, Classics and Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator
Elizabeth Miller ’02: “Nix Leo”: Translating Children’s Literature into Latin (reading)
Zachary Gill ’02: The Masculine Hero in “Hercules Furens”
(short talk followed by dramatic reading with Hilary Kiskaddon ’03Matteo Pangallo ’03, and Elizabeth Wilson ‘03)
4:00-4:30 Nature Photography (short talk, exhibit, and slide presentation)
Location: Pettengill G21
Christopher Guiterman ’04 and Joshua Harris ’04:Outdoor Photography

Poster Presenters

Biology 315: Bacteriology

Peter Herrick-Stare ’02; Jane Barlow ’02; Bailey Freeman ’03; Hannah Kurtis ’03, Charlie Simpson ’03, Andrew Walsh ’03: Learning Biology across Cultures: A Partnership Between Edward Little High School and the Bates College Bacteriology Class.

Additional posters presented by Karen Boucher’s biology class, Edward Little High School, Auburn, Maine: Marsha Ames, Shawn Campbell, Ben Clark, Will Claxton, Renee Collett, Cory Cyr, Casey Duncan, Ryan Ford, Katie Frank, Amanda Fyfe, Nicole Haynes, Laura Pendexter, Eric Robitaille, Amber Turcotte, Matt Vachon, and Brooke Wilson.

Biology 471: Seminar and Research in Experimental Botany

Amanda Devine ’03; K. Bradley Lenz ’02; Daniel Robarts ’04; Neal Sharon ’02: Highlights of four class projects.

Individual Projects

Anne Barlow ’02: Spectroscopic Determination of the Structural Stability of E.colirpo SmRNA in vitro in the Presence of Divalent Cations

Jane Barlow ’02: Development of New Techniques in the Production and Purification of the EMCV 3C Protease and HAV 3D Polymerase

Jason Bischoff ’02: How the Advertising of Brands has Evolved throughout the 20th Century

Jackie Bowie ’05 and Daniel Robarts ’04: Recruitment, Tree Growth, and Development of a Secondary Growth White Pine Stand near Lake Auburn, Maine

Tara Businski ’02: Effects of Bait-Worm Digging on Intertidal Benthic Carbon Remineralization

Danica Helb ’02: Effects of 2,3,7,8-tetrachloridibenzo-p-dioxin (TCDD) on Number of Blood Vessels in Day 10 and Day 12 Chick Embryo Hearts Exposed at Fertilization

Alan Jenkins ’02: Is Listerine Antiseptic Effective Against Waterline Biofilm?

Maura Kelly ’02: Newspaper Representations of U.S. Student Anti-Sweatshop Protests, 1995-2000

Kate Meltzer ’02: Interannual Growth Rate Variation in the Soft-Shelled Clam,Mya arenaria, and Its Relationship to Interannual Temperature Difference and Habitat at Maquoit Bay, Maine

Rayann Richard ’02: Aquatic Toxicity Testing of a Lake Auburn Tributary and Lake Andrews Using Caenorhabditis elegans

Gabriel Sholder ’02: Metallozymes That Hydroxylate Hydrocarbons

Jeremy Streifer ’03: Atomic Force Microscopy

Michaela Tiffany ’02: A Study of the Role of Genetic Susceptibility and B Cells in Periodontal Disease

Endri Trajani ’03: Effect of Spatially Filtered Optical Feedback in a Unidirectional Photorefractive Ring Resonator

David Worhunsky ’03: The Bacterial Response to Stress