Summit Poster Presenters 2004

Poster Presenters

2:45-4:00 PM Poster Session I
John Anderson ’04 Effects of Carbaryl Pesticides in Maine
Christina Austin ’05 and Caitlin Vincent ’05 The Effect of Caffeine on DNA Repair
Amanda Beck ’04 Cloning and Sequencing of Normal and Splice Variant Full-Length cDNA for the Chick β1-adrenergic Receptor
Andrew Beckington ’04 Regional Conservation Planning: A Balancing Act between Biodiversity and Humans
Renée Blacken ’05

Susan French ’04, and Lauren Randall ’04

Carboxymethylated Cyclodextrins and Their Lanthanide Complexes as Chiral NMR Solvating Agents
Mike Buffo ’04 Whitebark Pine (Pinus albicaulis) in Subalpine Forests of the Cascade Range:  A Case Study of Forest Structure with Management Recommendations
Shoshoni Caine ’05 and Jevede Harris ’05 The Effects of 8% Ethanol on the Saccharomyces cerevisiae SOD2 Gene
Joseph Chan ’04 HIV/AIDS Awareness in China
Justin Cidado ’04 Small RNA Molecules and Translational Regulation
John Clare ’04 Wolf Reintroduction in Maine
Noah Corwin ’04 Cultural Demands and Environmental Impacts of the Alpine Ski Industry in the United States
Jeffrey Davis ’04 DNA Fingerprinting: DNA Analysis for Criminal Court Cases and Its Acceptance in Our Judicial System
Derek Depelteau ’04 Testosterone
Derek Depelteau ’04 and John Sulivan ’04 Saccharomyces cerevisiae Cells Transfected with E. coli DnaK,

the Hsp70 Homolog, Endure Greater Thermal Stress

Dana DiGiando ’04 Comparative Study of Toxic Metals
Christina Doukeris ’04 Accessing Testis Specificity of TCP 10a-related Sequence of Mouse Chromosome 17 through DNA-Protein Complex Formation
Suzannah Dowling ’05 Internship at the Maine Coalition against Sexual Assault
Brian Dupee ’06

Kathryn King ’04

Elizabeth Moses ’06, and Hallie Preston ’06

Distribution and Abundance of Eastern White Pine; Range Pond State Park; Poland, Maine
Ashley Ellison ’04 Does Radiation Left Over from Nuclear Testing Affect Succession?
Daisy Fischer ’04 Ubiquitination of the Encephalomyocarditis Virus 3C Protease by a Ubc5a-Dependent E3 Ubiquitin-Protein Ligase
Daisy Fischer ’04 and

Kathryn King ’04

Implementation of Group Health Visits at the B Street Health

Center Applied to Weight Management

Jessica Gagne-Hall ’04 Prison Gardens
Evan Gillespie ’04 Environmental Management in South Africa
Aimee Grimmelmann ’04 Mathematical Modeling of the Influenza Pandemic of 1918
Andrew Hardy ’04 Toward a Flexible Synthesis of Polyacetylene Spiroketal Enol Ethers
Abigail Harris ’04 Border Life: The Relationship between Miti Mirefu and Ndarakwai Ranch, Tanzania
Julia Judson-Rea ’04 Generating Cross-Cultural Dialogue within Environmental Studies
Julia Judson-Rea ’04 “The Greens Are Back in Town”: Reasons behind the Success of the Tasmanian Greens
Benjamin Kercsmar ’04 Male Signaling Honesty, Female Mate Choice, and Maternal Contribution to Offspring in Swordtail Fish (Xiphophorus helleri)
Justin Levesque ’04 Construction of a Novel Synj2 Plasmid
Justin Levesque ’04 Identification of Proteins That Interact with the M. xanthus CsgA Signalling Protein Using the Yeast-Two-Hybrid System
Elizabeth Morrill ’04 Women’s Fuel-Wood Collection in Northeastern Tanzania
Jurgen Nebelung ’04 Motivations for Green Design in Homes
Joseph Northrup ’05 and

Lani Stinson ’05

Abundance and Distribution of the Macroinfauna at Long Sands Beach, York, Maine
Matthew Ondra ’04 Metallothionein in Cadmium Detoxification and Bioremediation
Tory Peterson ’04 A New Twist: Different Models for the Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse
Stephanie Praino ’04 Aldo Leopold and Ideas of Sustainability
Lauren Randall ’04 and

Ayana Sawai ’04

Effect of pH on Antibiotic Resistance of E. coli Genome Mutated

with Transposon CamR and KanR

Regina Readling ’04 RNA Interference and Its Application to Developing Therapeutic Techniques
Jennifer Reynolds ’04 Genetic Analysis of Transmission Ratio Distortion in t haplotype Mice
Colin Schless ’04 A Study of “Nature” Healing
William Schmitt ’05 and

Juyoung Shim ’05

The Mutagenic Effects of Benzopyrene and UV Light on the pUC18 Plasmid ampr Vector
Hillary Schwab ’04 British Columbia’s Community Forest Pilot Agreement
Luke Selby ’05 and

Sarah Tolford ’04

Analysis of Mutagenesis to the CAP Binding Site of the lac Promoter
John Sullivan ’04 Spatial and Temporal Expression of Tcte1l and Tctex1, Dynein Light Chain Paralogs
Lucia Tiererova ’06 The Watermark Initiative: A Database of Papers and Watermarks
Sarah Tolford ’04 A Protein Purified from Hyacinth Beans Has Potential for Treating Cancer
Graham Veysey ’04 Environmental Discourse and the Three Gorges Dam, China
Catherine Zettek ’04 A Good Neighbor? Reclaiming Community beside a Copper Mine in Cuncumen, Chile
4:30-5:45 PM Poster Session II
Abigail Adams ’04 Case Study on Autism
Lynne Antinarelli ’04 What’s on Your Warm-Up Mix?
Sarah Barnes ’04 Chilean Seasonal Female Farmworkers and Pesticide Exposure: An Analysis of Barriers to Protection
Erin Bertrand ’05 Mechanistic Inquiries into Environmental Hydrocarbon Degradation by Microbacterial Metalloenzymes
Jacqueline Bowie ’05, Jessica Edgerly’06,

Erika Millstein ’06, and Katharine Nolan ’06

Using Mollusk Growth to Assess Recent Environmental Changes in Coastal Alaska
Christina Browne ’04 The Effect of Extra-Legal Factors in the Capital Punishment System
Andrew Byrnes ’05 and

William Fox ’05

The Nanotechnology Project: Electronics
Rebecca Castle ’04 The Effect of Suspicion and Photospread Type on Eyewitness Identification
Swita Charanasomboon ’04 Relational Aggression among Elementary School Girls, an Ethnographic Study in an Afterschool Program at Lewiston Public Housing
Jessica Ciak ’05 and

Anna Sleeper ’05

The Effects of Varying Concentrations and Time Exposure of Arsenite (III) Oxide on the Citric Acid Cycle
Seamus Collins ’04 Mathematical Modeling of Molecular Evolution
Catherine Crosby ’04 The Role of Control in Perception of Pain between Males and Females
Erica Dodd ’04 The Bengal Tiger: A Mathematical Model
Rebecca Dolan ’04 Eating Disorder Symptomatology and Reasons for Exercise in College Athletes and Nonathletes
Elise Duggan ’05,

Christina Maki ’05, and Jessica Otis ’05

The Correlations between Lead Exposure and the Need for Special Education in Lewiston, Maine
Mara Fleischer ’04 The Differences in Shoplifting Rates for Eating Disorder Subtypes: Binge Purge, Restrictive Eating, and Control Groups
Jacob Friedman ’04 The Effectiveness of Short-Term Family Mediation at a Local Youth Shelter
Jacklyn Fullerton ’04, Elizabeth McNamara ’05,

and Ann Pickard ’04

Refugee Health Care: A Comprehensive Packet for Medical Practitioners Providing for Somali Populations
Eve Gasarch ’05,

Rugiatu Jalloh ’05, and

Eric Ursprung ’04

A Health Report Card for Use at the B Street Health Center
Nicholas Goldfrank ’04 Teaching Effective Strategies for Coping with Losing at Games
Beth Greene ’04 The Effect of Gender-Stereotypic Commercials on the Athletic Performance of Female Children
Brian Greenleaf ’05 and Keith Hengen ’06 The Nanotechnology Project: Mechanical Design
Laurie Jacobs ’04 Effects of Pre-exposure and Medial Septal Lesions on Cocaine-Mediated Taste Aversion
Nils Johnson ’07 and

Jeffrey Woltjen ’07

The Nanotechnology Project:  Software
Melissa Kay ’04 Predicting Student Alcohol Use with the Implicit Association Test
Brian Kile ’04 Parallel Fabrication of Metal Oxide Nanostructures
Gianna King ’04 Alcohol Expectancies and the Role of Television: Does Perceived Realism Affect Attitudes about Alcohol?
Kathleen Kolstad ’04 Effects of Tetrandrine (TET), Isolated from the Chinese Herb, Stephania tetrandra, on NMDA Receptor Subunits Expressed in Xenopus laevisOocytes
Katherine Kopeikina ’04 and Daniel Robarts ’04 Effects of Adolescent Stress on Nicotine-Amphetamine Cross-Sensitization
Katherine Lantz ’04 Preventing Child Abuse
Brent Mann ’04 Synthesis of 2-Deoxyglycosides through Acid-Mediated Conjugate Addition
Kathryn Mannle ’04 Ecotourism Opportunities and Challenges at Masoala National Park, Madagascar
Rachel Martin ’04 Endorsement of the Protestant Ethic and Body Dissatisfaction
Elizabeth McConnell ’04 How Race Affects Jury Comprehension of Judges’ Instructions
Kelton McMahon ’05 Contributions of Local Food Items to the Diet of Fundulus heteroclitus
Julia McQuade ’04 The Facilitative Effects of Drawing and Puppets on Children’s Reports of Positive and Negative Events
Georgiana Mitrus ’04 The Effects of High-Fat Intake on Spatial Memory in Rats
Aram Parsegian ’04 and Randi Rawson ’04 Effects of Varying Durations of Abstinence on the Expression of Locomotor Sensitization in Cocaine-Addicted Rats
Jessica Perrie ’05 Are Heifer Project International Cows Healthier?
Toby Pinn ’04 Lethal White Foal Syndrome: An Equine Genetic Puzzle
Susannah Pugh ’04 Creative Dance/Movement with Children
Talya Rabina ’04 Best Practices for Administering Adaptive Skiing
Nassime Ruch-Kamgar ’04 Evaluation of the Bullying Prevention Program Used by Advocates for Children
Rebecca Seifers ’04 The Ethics of Ecotourism
Melanie Shaw ’04 Chemical Applications in Orthodontics
Juyoung Shim ’05 Effects of Herbal Medicine on Periodontal Disease
Caroline Smith ’04 Eyewitness Confidence:  How Does It Influence a Photospread Administrator?
Johanna Sterzel ’04 A Case Study: The Effects of Exercise on the Self-Stimulatory Behaviors of a Nonverbal Child with Autism
Kathryn Stevens ’04 Interpreting Federal Educational Reform in a Local Context: Three Teachers’ Lived Experiences with the No Child Left Behind Act