Second post from Michael Martin


Since my last blog post we decided to extend my thesis to a yearlong thesis. Luckily we adjusted the due dates so I have extra time to write my introduction. In a week I will be presenting at the biochemistry symposium so I am busy assembling my presentation along with other course work.

Over October break I completed my first round of DEHP exposure. While results were not dose-dependent, the hatching period for the exposed embryos was significantly longer. The embryos at high concentrations of DEHP (50 uM +) exhibited increased apoptosis. Tomorrow I start my next round of DEHP exposure with some minor experimental design modifications in a hope to ensure well-distributed exposure. Along with hatching time I will be monitoring length, yolk sac absorption, fin formation, swim bladder inflation, craniofacial malformations, cardiac deformities, pericardial edema, (gastro-intestinal malformations), otolith and retinal development. Wow!

Hopefully, the second DEHP exposure experiment runs as smoothly as the first and I can collect more data. I am excited to start experimenting with MEHP too, but might need to do one more round of DEHP exposure with dechorionated embryos for complete results. No breaks until Thanksgiving!