Week 3 and things are picking up!

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and I can’t believe we’re already a third through our summer here!

I am especially glad to top off our week with the B Well 5k. You know what they say, “those who run together, stays together.” Just kidding, that’s probably not a real saying. While I haven’t quite been keeping up with what Larissa, Jake, and Michelle are doing, it seems that they’re totally in their groove and working hard.

This week has been crazy but fun for me. Most of my time has been consumed by microinjection. It’s a really tough skill to learn, with some mistakes made here and there. I was able to successfully inject control morpholino into some of the embryos, so it was exciting to see my practice pay off! I also spent some time running qPCR on the samples from short term and have noticed some trends that will help me propel forward with my thesis project. With so much on my plate, I haven’t even found time to research for my methodology presentation on Monday (yikes). But alas, I’m glad all these tasks have been thrown at me, as time has really flown by because I’ve simply been too busy. It’s been very satisfying returning to Adams exhausted but ready for the next day. For the upcoming week, I look forward to practice (a lot) more microinjecting and to begin taking leaps (probably more like steps) into my thesis project. Hopefully I will soon master the art of microinjecting!