We’ve made it through another week!

We made it through another busy week here in the Williams lab!

Everyone continues to work hard on his or her projects, and we are starting to make some great strides!

Jake and Nancy continue their respective projects, working on dosing experiments and PCR analysis. Jake has gotten the desired results on examination of his qPCR results and will now dive in to the next step of his project. Unfortunately, my lab mates and I run into each other in the lab less often due to the nature of our schedules. However our Friday lab meetings provide time to catch up on what everyone has done for the week.

I have been busy working to dose embryo collections with diquat for confocal imaging. During the week of September 28th, I was able to observe some structural anomalies in 24 hour old-zebrafish, specifically in the ear. The otoliths, which are of particular concern in my project, were beginning to look deformed within the inner ear. I am excited to continue dosing with diquat, next being a treatment this Sunday when the embryos are 96 hours old.

We wrapped up our week with poster presentations this past Friday, October 2nd, for parents weekend! It was a great way to practice an oral explanation of our projects to a variety of audiences. We are also looking forward to sending in our prospective abstracts to a toxicology conference happening this March, where we hopefully will get the chance to present again at a national conference!

All the best,
Michelle Kelley