Just keep swimming

This quote from Finding Nemo really resonates with my life currently.

It’s crazy how it will be November in a few days! Time is certainly flying by but so much work has yet to be done. I have spent most of my time writing thesis, slowly chipping away at it. It’s been a while since our whole lab team has gotten together, so I’m not sure what everyone else has been up to. I am currently wrapping up the second phase of my project as I finish running qPCR for the gene expression of hsp70 and gclc of zebrafish embryos at 24hpf, 36hpf, and 72hpf after chronic dosing of MEHP and should know what the next steps in the experiment will be within the next few days. After reanalyzing my summer data, I found some significant differences, and I can’t wait to present the data to the lab next Friday! The next few weeks will be extremely busy, since not only is it the peak of the semester but there is still a ton left to do for lab. However, I’m confident that all will fall into place!