Happy thanksgiving!

We are looking ahead to winter break and beyond in the Williams lab.

The colony has been organized and prepared for the weeks ahead and we are looking to do a large breeding this coming week to raise embryos for research this short term and summer 2016.

I personally am excited to complete data collection in the first week back, as I will microinject and dose a group of 96 hour old embryos with 20 micromolar diquat to finish the last time point of this treatment. We are awaiting Jake’s exciting data presentation that will happen December 11th and that will conclude our journal club and lab group meetings for the semester.

All in the lab are busy writing as Jake, Nancy, and I are finalizing theses and Larissa is gearing up for her time next semester in the lab and writing her research. It’s been a long, busy summer and fall semester, but the time in the lab has been fun, well spent, and very informative. It will be bittersweet next semester without working on a long-term project within the lab!