We’re currently at the final push of the semester! Michelle, Jake, and I have been heavily focused on writing our theses.

It’s crazy how fast this semester has flown by, and I cannot believe that we are literally a week away from completing a huge milestone in our Bates career!!!

In addition to writing thesis, we have all been wrapping up our research. Michelle just finished collecting data for her last time point, while Jake continues to modify and improve the ChIP protocol. While I have finished collecting data for thesis, I decided to continue collecting data by running qPCR using PPAR (alpha and gamma) primers. There have been some hints about nrf1 and PPAR crosstalk in current research, and so we thought it would be worth checking out whether or not nrf1 could mediate phthalates via PPAR.

The thought of parting ways with research in the Williams lab has been very bittersweet. While I will revisit this research again as I prepare for the poster presentations at the Society of Toxicology conference and (potentially oral presentation) at the Mount David Summit, I feel that the project has become a big part of my life and parting ways feels somewhat surreal. I have had an amazing experience working in the Williams lab and cannot imagine my thesis experience being any better. This experience has challenged me in so many ways and has helped me grow as a scientist! I am very grateful for this opportunity and thankful for Larissa’s guidance and support!!

Even though we have one more week until our theses will be bound in the glorious black binders, it is good-bye from me as this is my last blog post!

Nancy Tran ‘16