Get Ready to Write!

With just one week before Thanksgiving, all of us in lab have been kicking it into high gear and churning out our first drafts of our introductions! It has been a flurry of reading, writing, and citing, but we have all been doing a great job of keeping it up!

In addition to our introductions, all of us have been hard at work getting into the lab before we leave. I have been continuing to work on my microinjecting skills, and I have gotten much better! I have been using the control morpholino to practice in an attempt to get my success rate up to 80%, so hopefully I will soon be able to move onto the nfe2-MO! Then I can move onto the task of creating scoring criteria for assessing the zebrafish cilia and neuromasts when nfe2 is knocked down. I have also made a lot of progress on imaging with the confocal, which is how I will be collecting data on the morphant fish.

In other news, Rachel received her primers this week! She eluted them and ran a PCR on genomic DNA in order to amplify alas2. Gwen has been a champion of the lab, going in at all hours of the day and night to collect embryos for her time series, which she is now using to run a Western blot. Jason has continued to dose his embryos with MEHP, and he has been scoring the resultant phenotypes.

All in all, it’s been a crazy busy week, and I think we will all be grateful to be eating some turkey really soon.

Here is an exciting confocal picture of a cluster of hair cells: