We’re back from break

As usual, we are all SUPER busy in the lab.

I have been working on collecting otic vesicle and otolith measurements in embryos injected with cfap70 morpholino. I came back early during break to inject and measure AB embryos, but tragedy struck and the data was unable to be used. Science and technology can be so difficult and frustrating. I’m pushing forward though, and I will be able to retake the data this weekend. I have also been hard at work analyzing the data that I have collected so far and putting it into graphs for my draft of my results. We have some big deadlines ahead of us for our writing, so in addition to lab work, I will be typing up a storm this weekend!

Of course, everyone else in lab is just as busy as I am (if not busier). Gwen got a positive control of ChIP to work, and she has been working on primer design in order to try ChIP with Nfe2. Rachel has continued to try and tackle microinjecting, and she has continued to try primers. Jason has been scoring fish and analyzing data, and he gave a presentation on his results to date, which I was unable to attend (but I heard it was a thrilling and exciting time). All of them are amazing, smart scientists, and they’re crushing it.

Jason said it last week, but time is really flying by with just a little over a month left to work, but I know that we all can do it!