Technos International Week in Japan

Technos International
Application Deadline: 13 February

The Tanaka Memorial Foundation provided an extraordinary opportunity for two students and a faculty member from Bates to experience Japan with other young adults for two weeks at Technos International Week. John Baughman, Associate Professor of Politics, Ariscell Tavarez, ’17 and Emily Morse, ’17, represented Bates in June ’14. The Tanaka family sets as its objective fostering international exchange and understanding. Bates students are introduced to Japan, its people and culture. The language used is English. Students and faculty alike have found the experience rich and sometimes life-changing.

In 2015, Bates students travel to Japan from June 7-20.  They will visit many locations in Tokyo and travel to Midori-no-Mura, the Japanese Alps, Kamakura, and other sites. The highlight of the trip, though, is always the interaction with Japanese students at Technos College.

In the year following the trip, the Technos Fellows share heir experiences of the Technos International Week through visits to various classes and a poster presentation during Parents and Family Weekend. The selection committee welcomes applications from first and second year students who are not fluent in Japanese and are eligible for visitor’s visas.  Applications to attend Technos International Week next week require an essay and a letter or email of support from one member of the Bates College faculty.  Applications are available. They are due by noon on February 13 in Lane Hall 121. Please contact Kirk Read at, if you have questions. To attend Technos International Week, students should be available during the first half of June.

Technos International Week Application

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Ariscell Tavarez, ’17 and Emily Morse, ’17