Sample Interview 1

A- is one of the most self-confident applicants I’ve ever met, and I mean that in a good way.

She’s an involved, intelligent, focused young woman who is ready to hit the ground running once she arrives at school.  She has visited Bates twice, taken a tour, and checked out Olin (which was VERY impressive to her.)  She has already submitted her common application and I preparing the Bates supplement for submission.  Bates is high on her list of schools.

She is thoroughly involved in the choirs at her school (madrigal, concert choir, all-state, etc.)  She also has a very keen interest in psychology and has already completed a study and has submitted it for publication in the journal Sleep.  Yes, I was a little surprised, too!  She collected data this summer on second and third graders’ sleep patterns and drew a negative correlation between sleep disorders and academic achievement in Math,Reading, and Writing.  She wants to continue on this vein of research in college, as well as pursue a double major in voice.  She also would like to study abroad (preferably in a French-speaking country) and was very excited to hear about all the opportunities at Bates.

On a personal side, she loves music in all forms.  She plays piano and guitar in addition to singing.  She loves to sing because of the collaboration with other musicians and the common bond she feels when she’s performing.  The performers as well as the listeners both experience the music together, and she loves that connection.  She feels it is a fabulous way to give back to the community while doing something that she adores.  Singing has also allowed her to meet many people outside of her normal social circle.

She also volunteers at the W- Medical Center with ill children.  She plays, reads, and just “hang out” with then and tries to take their minds off treatments and problems.  Working with children is a common theme, as she also is a member of the “SHARE” club at her school, through which she volunteers to work with children at a women’s shelter to take some pressure off the mothers.  Seeing as her sleep disorder study was also with children, she has decided that her psychology concentration will be with children in some way, shape, or form.

A- also founded a literary magazine at her school.  Her parents have always encouraged her to express herself through writing, and she has found that outlet through poetry.  She enjoys sharing her poems, realized that other students might want to do the same, and then founded a literary publication at her high school.

A- feels that her biggest strength is that she works really hard for what she wants.  Her sleep study was full of all sorts of hurdles, but she plugged through and made it a success.  She feels that her biggest weakness is that she’s overcritical of herself, and sometimes spends too much time focusing on what she can’t do, instead of what she can.

I think A- would not only enjoy the Bates experience, but would be an excellent addition to the Bates Community.  She’s very involved, bright, and driven.