Student Presentations at the Mt. David Summit

Research in History from Ancient Room to Contemporary Japan

Andrew Beck ‘ll: In the Shadow of Defeat: Tactical Transformation during Second Punic War

Plautus’ Miles Gloriosus

Moderator: Laurie O’Higgins
Students from Latin 204 perform scenes from Plautus’ Miles Gloriosus with English subtitles.

Apuleius’ Fictional Trial of Pudens
Moderator: Margaret Imber
Students from Roman Law CMHI 253 reconstruct and re-enact the trial of Pudens

Roman Law I: Law and Change
Moderator: Margaret Imber (Students from CMHI 390J)
Alexander Garnick ’10: A Comparison of the Vestal Virgins to Livia Drusilla
Christopher Miller ’10: Fideicommissa
Eliza Kano-Bowers ’11: The Impacts of the Lex Julia de Adulteris
Neeraj Hotchandani ’10: Degeneration of Citizens’ Rights and Increased Brutality in Roman Law

Roman Law II: Aspects of Roman Law
Moderator: Michael Jones, History (Students from CMHI 390J)
Ronald Ead ’12: Imperial Protection at the Expense of Senatorial Libertas
Joncarl Hersey ’12: The Mystery of Acceptable and Unacceptable Magic in Ancient Rome
Evan Procknow ’10: Law and Ethnogenesis

Love and Identity in King Arthur’s Court

Moderator: Thomas Hayward, Classical and Medieval Studies (FYS 341/Federico)
Charlotte Green ’11: National Identities in Arthurian Legend
Katherine Bernier ’11: Arthurian Love Dynamics
Jamie Nickerson ’11: The Paradox of Courtly Love
Noah McCreight ’11: Courtly Love and Chivalry in Conflict in Arthurian Literature

Agency, Identity, and Gender from Ancient Rome to the Present
Moderator: Lavina Shankar, English  (CMS thesis student)
**Erin Faulder ’08: Reading Roman Women through Rhetorical Invective
Erin Bonney ’09: The Legacy of the Desaparecidos in Argentina
Mallika Raghavan ’08 and Nina Schwabe ’08: Bengali American Women in The Namesake

Artistic and Critical Interpretation of the Classics: Homer, Cicero, Seneca

Moderator: Thomas Hayward, Classical and Medieval Studies (CMS students)
Anne Barton ’08: Missing from the Equation: Briseis and the Iliad
Erin Faulder ’08: “Scipio’s Dream”: The Bond between Cicero’s Politics and Philosophy
Anne Barton ’08, Erin Faulder ’08, Molly Madzelan ’09, Magdalene McCally ’08, and
Anna Meader ’09: Performing Seneca’s Medea

Themes in Arthurian Literature
Moderator: Sylvia Federico, Classical and Medieval Studies/English, (CM/EN 121)
Christine Arsnow ’08: An Author’s Responsibility: T. H. White’s Message to WW II Era Youth
Jonathan Browher ’08: Inverted Worlds: Environments in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight
Alexandra Kelly ’09: The Technique of History: History of the Kings of Britain and Quest for King Arthur

Art and Analysis in the Humanities

Moderator: Sylvia Federico, Classical and Medieval Studies (thesis student)
Joshua Harris, ’05: Critical Transformation in the Writing of Zhuangzi
**Nancy Highcock, ’05: Christianity in Fourth-CenturyBritain: The Destruction of Mithraeums
John Mulligan, ’06: Remembering Democracy in the Berlin Abgeordnetenhaus
Megan Hamilton, ’06: Prose Reading

Ancient Threads in Modern Texts
Henry Walker, Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator (thesis students)
Sarah Connell ’04: Hero and Goddess
Jennifer Hanley ’05: The Perversion of Ritual in the Iliad
Martha Horan ’04: Shakespeare’s Mulberry Tree: A Midsummer Night’s Dream
Jennifer McGill ’04: Female Characters in Greek and Noh Drama

Everything You Wanted to Know about Psycholanalysis but Were Afraid to Ask Ovid

Lisa Maurizio and Amanda Seadler ’05, moderators (CM/WS 219)
Amanda Seadler ’05:  Introduction to Psychoanalysis and Myth
Jennifer Hanley ’05:  Compliancy in Arachne as Revealed through Winnicott
Dara Kidder ’03:  Winnicott’s Artist and Daedalus
Michelle Gomperts ’05:  Winnicott’s Failing Mother-Mirror in Greek Myths
Kim Neeb ’03:  Mother-Mirroring in Narcissus and Echo
Elizabeth Santy ’06 and Taylor Miles ’05: Apollo and Daphne: Turning a Woman into an Object
Naama Zohn ’05:  Transformation as Flight

I’ll See You in Court: Litigation as Evidence of Life in Classical Athens
Margaret Imber, Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator (CM/HI 231)
Patrick Sherwood ’06:  Banking in Fourth-Century Athens
Emily Rand ’06 Hubris:  Rhetoric of the Rich and Famous
Henry Crosby ’05:  Litigation in Ancient Athens
Alyssa Asack ’04:  The Aristocractic Athenian Wife
John Michael Karass ’05:  Litigation in Ancient Athens

Language, Music, and the Construction of Ideas
Baltasar Fra-Molinero, moderator (thesis student)
Benjamin Daggett ’03: The Resurrection of the Word in Eduardo Galeano
Christina Bouris ’03:  Western Music’s Other:  World Music in Context
**Elizabeth Wilson ’03:  Seneca’s Hercules Furens: Reviving a Classic

Classical Architecture

Lisa Maurizio, Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator (CMS 210)
Kara Stenback ’05 and Katherine Miles ’05: The Temple of Aphaia
Erin Torrey ’05 and Jennifer Hanley ’05: The Temple of Hephaistos: Analysis and Interpretation

Creative Work in Classics
Lisa Maurizio, Classical and Medieval Studies, moderator (thesis students)
Elizabeth Miller ’02: “Nix Leo”: Translating Children’s Literature into Latin (reading)
Zachary Gill ’02: The Masculine Hero in “Hercules Furens”
(short talk and dramatic reading with Hilary Kiskaddon ’03, Matteo Pangallo ’03, and Elizabeth Wilson ‘03)