Titles of Past CMS Theses


Theses for the Classes of 2007 – 2010

Name (2012) Thesis Title and Advisor
Duncan Briggs “Lucan’s Rejection of Vergilian Epic Characterization: A Literary Analysis between Vergil’s Aeneid and Lucan’s Bellum Civile” – Prof. Hayward
Kelsey Cornwell (History Major) Naval Warfare and Society in the Persian Wars and the Peloponnesian War – Prof. Cole
Melinda Higgons The Etruscans and the Fanum Voltumnae – Prof. Imber
Daniel S. McKeigue (History Major) The Charismatic Leadership of Alcibiades- Prof. Maurizio
Parker Repko The Fall of the Roman Republic: The Gracchan Revolution – Prof. Imber
Thomas Repko An Economic Analysis of the Land and Labor Reforms of the Gracchi during the Late Second Century of the Republic – Prof. Imber
Gregory Watts Empowered Women: Study of the Gender Relationship in Classical Sparta – Prof. Maurizio
Name (2011) Thesis Title and Advisor
David Irons Greek Forerunners of the Modern Hospital – Prof. O’Higgins
Amalia Maletta The Paradoxical Prototype: Political Implications of the Herculean Divinity during the Reign of Commodus – Prof. Imber
Katie Taylor The Archaeology of Roman Surgery – Prof. O’Higgins
Name (2010) Thesis Title and Advisor
Andrew W. Beck (History Major) The Second Punic War – Prof. Imber
Sara Beneman “A Study of Athena and Dionysus’ Masculine and Feminine Features” – Prof. Maurizio
Alex Garnick Livia’s Constitutional and Cultural Role(s) – Prof. Imber
Maddy Glennon “The Changing Face and Power of the Gorgon” – Prof. O’Higgins
Grainne Hebeler “The Roman ‘Reuse’ of Historical Artefacts” – Prof. Imber
Neeraj Hotchchandani Increased Severity of Punishment in the Late Republic and Early Empire – Prof. Imber
Dan La Fontaine “Identity Evolution in Aristophanes’ Acharnians – Prof. O’Higgins
Avery Pierce “Recovering the Past: Interpretations of Homer’s Iliad” – Prof. Maurizio
Emily Staszak “Scribes of Venus: Writing Narratives of Rape in the 12th and 14th Centuries” – Prof. Federico
Name (2009) Thesis Title and Advisor
John Bement “The Origin of the Rule of St. Benedict and Its Impacts on Western Monasticism” – Prof. O’Higgins
Chris Dahlin “Publius Claudius Pulcher and the Constitution of the Roman Empire” – Prof. Imber
Scott Juhl “The Political Consciousness of the Ordo Equester during the Roman Republic” – Prof. Imber
Andrew Gaudio Apuleius and the Question of Religious Conversion – Prof. Hayward
Alison Hartrich
(Greek Minor)
“Elpis and Obama’s Rhetoric of Hope” – Prof. Maurizio
Timothy Henderson “Ovid’s Use of Female Adornment to Criticize Women and Augustan Rome” – Prof. Maurizio
Lauren Patz “Failed Masculinity: The Aeneid and the Fall of the Roman Republic” –
Prof. Imber
Name (2008) Thesis Title and Advisor
Annie Barton – HONORS “A Woman with a Past: Briseis in the Iliad” – Pof. O’Higgins
Erin Faulder “Cicero the Philosopher Statesman: a reading of His Political Philosophy” – Prof. Hayward
Maggie McCally “The Myth of Medea in Theater: Shifts in Dramatic Focus” –
Prof. Maurizio
Kim Nelson “A ‘Good’ Death: Suicide in Stoicism and Seneca’s Phaedra” –
Prof. Maurizio
Allie Schwartz – HONORS “Omens: The Undiscovered Voice of the Common Roman” –
Prof. Walker and O’Higgins
Name (2007) Thesis Title and Advisor
Martin Benes Ovid and Anti-Augustanism – Prof. Hayward
Austin Haynes “Pausanias and His Periegesis” – Prof. Imber
Alexandra Hughes “Stylistic and Thematic Parallels in Heraclitus’ Fragments & Oracular Wisdom” – Prof. Maurizio