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Oversize Audio

Part of Collection Locations Notes
Journals (print and electronic) Periodicals,
Microfilm Periodicals,
Oversize Periodicals,
Electronic Journal
Also includes some items shelved in Bookstacks that are indexed in journal databases or otherwise perceived to be journals.
Electronic Resources Network Resource,
Electronic Book,
Electronic Journal,
Streaming Audio,
Streaming Video
Federal Government Publications Govt Stacks,
Govt Reference,
Govt Oversize,
Govt in Folio Case,
Govt Map Cases,
Govt Microfiche,
Govt DVDs
Does not include government documents in Storage (e.g., the
Serial Set).
Archives and Special Collections Archives/Special Collections,
Archives Storage
Scores Scores,
Scores in Folio Case
Does not include music theory scores classed in MT or music facsimiles classed in ML.
Sound Recordings (LP/CD/Tape/Online) Audio/Record albums,
Audio/Compact discs,
Audio/Display CDs,
Oversize CDs,
Streaming Audio
Compact Discs Audio/Compact discs,
Audio/Display CDs,
Oversize CDs
Videos/DVDs/Online Audio/Circ Videos,
Audio/Noncirc Videos,
Audio/Circ DVDs,
Audio/Display DVDs,
Audio/Noncirc DVDs,
Oversize Video
Streaming Video